Sara Nilsson

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Graduated with First Class Honours from Middlesex University in London, 2020 with a Bachelor’s in Media and Cultural studies. I have skills and attributes to offer the media industry within communication and advertising, social media, production, participation and team working.

Achievements and interests

  • Society president and Founder: I am the founder and was the president of the Kpop & Culture Society at Middlesex University during my graduate year. Which was awarded the “Student Group of the Year 2020” during our first running year. We gathered over 150 members, advertised organised weekly and monthly events. Including dance classes, activity park visits, restaurant nights, karaoke lounges, showcases, club nights etc. Through this I gained high skills within organising events, public speaking, time management and leadership.

  • Dance crew leader and founder: M9TEEN is a dance crew who performed in China town (London) during Chinese New Year 2020 during their first running year. This has taught me to organise practices, stick to the time schedules and reach out to event organisers.

  • Theatre/Performing: During a variety of shows I worked both on and off stage (designing flyers, promoting the show, designing props and being responsible for costume design.)

  • Book co-author: In September 2020 the book “50 people, 50 stories – I Am Asian” was released. This is a project that allows Asians worldwide to tell their stories without interruptions. Each person got their own chapter, and I was lucky enough to be one of them.

  • "Slow Down Fashion" Campaign manager: I was the campaign manager and the head of the blog team during my class' graduate campaign project. During this time I learned to think quickly and to expect the unexpected, as our "Shop 'n Swap" event had to be cancelled due to covid-19 restrictions. We therefore had to think quickly on how we could still come through with a campaign. It was therefore changed to an online campaign: "14 Day Fashion Detox".

  • Nature and Youth Kongsvinger: I was an active member of the organisation during upper secondary school. Which resulted in me participating and running several awareness campaigns.


  • London, BA Media and Cultural studies.
    Middlesex University Hendon Campus.
    2017 – 2020

  • Norway, upper secondary school (1-6, 6 being the highest):
    International English 6, Marketing 5, Sociology 5.
    2014 – 2017

Work experience
MENY worker
(part time), Norway, May 2018 – current

  • Being in contact with customers throughout the workday selling products

  • Learned time management between the daily set tasks, customers and cleaning

  • Taught me to work under pressure and that hard work always pays off


MDXSU team (part time), Middlesex University, September 2019 – June 2020

  • Making both old and new students feel at home

  • Taught me how to work under high pressure situations at night events (students under influence of alcohol, people without tickets wanting to enter).

Key skills

  • Creative: I have a history of creative hobbies behind me including creating events and YouTube videos, blog posts, dancing, piano, painting and designing. This has given me a great outlet for my creativity in the past, and I am confident that it will show in my future work.

  • Excellent communication skills: I love to talk and get to know new people. I have no problem talking in front of a big audience due to my background in theatre and the performing arts.

  • IT knowledge: Knowledge of Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, PicMonkey Editor and Wondershare Filmora video editor. Competent user of Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. The magazine “Blooming” in my portfolio is made with Adobe InDesign.

  • Ambitious and hardworking: Ever since I was little, I have always had big dreams, and I sat even bigger goals for myself. They are often ambitious, but that is how I motivate myself. In 5th grade I wished to study abroad. I ended up getting the top grade on my international English oral exam. I worked 6 days a week in Norway to earn my own money, and at 18 years old I moved to London alone.

  • Leadership experience: I am the founder and first president of the award winning Kpop society at Middlesex University. Additionally, I was the campaign manager for my graduate campaign project on slow fashion. Furthermore, I founded and lead the dance crew M9TEEN who performed in central London during their first running year.

Norwegian (written/oral) – Native 

English (written/oral) – Fluent 

Swedish (understanding) – Advanced

Korean (written/oral) – Currently learning