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As an ongoing project, we are always looking for more voices. Please apply below if you wish to participate in this project.

Your story can be about anything and everything, the good or the bad, the crazy or the funny, the serious or casual. The space is open for Asians to share what they are comfortable with: their life stories, poems, experiences, diary notes, wishes, letters and dreams. 

Here are some ideas to spark creativity:

a story/poem, growing up in a specific community, studying abroad, searching for/meeting birth parents, moving, starting a company, getting your dream job, art, losing a pet/family member, diary note, finding your passion, a letter to someone (future adoptive parents, your adoptive/biological parents, friends, future self etc.)

The story does not have to directly connect to you as an Asian. It can connect you as a student, teacher, child, parent, traveller, your job or hobby and so on.


Elaborate as much or little as you'd like. Be creative. You could write and showcase almost everything.


This project is being run on the creator's free time. 


To help keep this project running for as long as possible, consider supporting the creator through Patreon

Depending on the success of this project, we are also looking to purchase an official website domain.

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This project is a work in progress

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