Welcome to Asian Spaces


Hello, my name is Moonie Sara and I am the creator of this project.


I'm a Chinese Korean, born in China, who was adopted to a family in Norway close to the age of 2. I grew up in a small Norwegian town and never quite felt at home. I grew up being teased for everything that made me different, for everything that made me less Norwegian. 

The constant jokes and comments about the way I looked, and the place I came from, made me loathe everything Asian about myself. I refused to learn mandarin as a child, even when the opportunity presented itself. I legally removed my Asian middle name at 16. I laughed along the jokes to fit in, even making my own jokes and stabs at my own ethnicity. I bleached my hair and did my makeup to look as Norwegian as possible. And it's not that bleaching your hair or doing your makeup in a western style is bad, because have bleached it several times, but the reason why I did it was.


Already at 10 years old, I knew I wanted out of Norway. I quickly figured out I had to move to somewhere bigger, somewhere with more diversity and open mindedness to everything outside of the norm. I had to get out and explore more, to feel more... free. And, it wasn't until I was 18, that I realised that being Asian didn't have to be a negative thing. I'm now on a journey of reclaiming myself, and my identity of being multi cultural. I'm currently 22, and so incredibly proud of being Asian, for being who I am. I'm finally open to learning about my background, I'm reclaiming my surname, and I feel confident and secure with who I am.


My first move was to London for my studies at 18, and it brought to me some amazing experiences. One of them, which was my opportunity to share parts of my story with others through a book project called I AM ASIAN, made me more passionate about amplifying others voices. To let more Asians speak their mind, share their art, their stories, their experiences. And I hope this space can somewhat help, even if just a little bit. 


Asians are often forgotten in debates regarding racism, and we are therefore also often forgotten when it comes to representation.


Asian Spaces is my little contribution to letting ​Asians around the world speak up and be heard. To increase the Asian representation.


Growing up, I often felt invisible, like no one really saw or heard me. My stories weren't shown in the media. I couldn't read about it in books. I wasn't shown how great I could be. So, I hope this project can help, even a little bit, with the representation we so strongly want to see.